Thursday, November 17, 2011

Swallowtail's Blanket of Snow

We have had an unseasonably warm fall here at Our Cove, but one of these days old man winter will catch up with us and we will be shovelling snow and blowing on cold fingers.  In spite of our complaining about the cold, a blanket of snow peacefully covering the frozen land can be beautiful.  Add to the mix a lighthouse and the rocky Grand Manan coast and you have "Swallowtail Snow"

As we approach the colder weather, somehow a print of a snowscape seems more appropriate, so I added a print to my Etsy shop, as we start to think snow and Christmas and winter thoughts.

I sold a few similar "Swallowtail Snow"prints at the market this summer.  But the market clientele are often summer visitors.  And even regular summer visitors who come back year after year don't get to see Swallowtail under a blanket of snow, so they thought it quite a novelty.  How many times did I answer the question "does it really get covered with snow like that?"  Well, yes it does, though in truth the snow often blows off the exposed rocky promontory.  But I took some artistic licence to keep the snow in place as a nice white blanket.

So, enjoy the winter.  Might as well, it will happen anyway.

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