Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swallowtail Welcome

As we enter August, we hit the busiest time in visitor travel to Grand Manan Island, ranked at #3 among the Seven Best Small Islands in the World.  And the first major landmark to be noticed by a visitor is Swallowtail Lighthouse, as the ferry rounds the Swallowtail peninsula to approach the Island terminal.  The print I am featuring this week is a reproduction of my painting "Swallowtail Welcome".

This painting is done in the warm colours of summer, depicting calm water and showing the Lighthouse from an angle that would be seen from the ferry

Of course we need a welcoming committee, a couple of seagulls coming out to welcome the ferry and all the visitors aboard.

And being a nice calm summer day for the arrival of our visitors, we have the reflection on the calm ocean water of the lighthouse and the rocky shore.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunrise on the Bay

Today's feature is a print of a new painting of a Bay of Fundy sunrise over a sea blown by a crisp morning breeze

The rising sun's reflection on the waves adds a sparkle to the painting, contrasting with the cold blue-green of the sea below the waves.

 Adding interest to this composition, a lobster buoy floats in the foreground waiting for its fisherman to come along and pick up the buoy and haul the lobster trap.

 The painting was a challenge to capture the crisp breeze on the sunrise reflecting bay.