Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dory Fishing Christmas Cards

Last week at the market, a customer who was interested in my print of dory lobster fishing, asked me if I could make her some Christmas cards from the print.  After deciding on the layout and the choice of lettering style, I spent some time experimenting with the colour of the Christmas greeting, until I ended up with a colour a little redder and darker than the dory, but not a bright red.  For me, it works quite nicely.

Well satisfied with how the new cards turned out, I decided to make some more in case others might like these very nautical cards of Christmas greeting.

If these appeal to you, I can provide a pack of 12 cards, with envelopes, for $20, plus $4.00 for shipping (unless you happen to live on Grand Manan and want to drop by to pick some up).