Saturday, November 26, 2011

Market Day Picks

Over the last few days, leading up to Grand Manan Christmas Market, which will be open at the Grand Manan Community Centre today from 10 until 4, I have covered the various series of prints of my marine paintings; today I will provide a pick from each series.  It might be a personal favorite, a popular one, an interesting one.

From the Lighthouse series, because I like the sea and the mood in the painting, I am picking "Gannet Rock Afternoon":

From the Age of Sail series,for the muted tones and mood, "Fog":

From Steam and Diesel, the ship fondly regarded for bailing out our Island community when other vessels let us down, and retiring from service finally this year, "Grand Manan":

Among the paintings of Fundy natural living things, the whimsical "Lumpfish":

Shipwrecks tell us that the sea is a whole lot more powerful than we humans; I like the way the awe and power of the sea in "Perseverance":

And for good measure, my newest print of a recent painting, "Dory Lobster Fishing":

Even though I cannot have a print of everything in every size, I will have on hand an illustrated list of prints, in case there is one you would like to order.  I have prints and frames on hand and can make up the order very quickly.

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