Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Living Things of Fundy

Most of my paintings are of man-made things of various kinds, lighthouses, sailing ships, engine powered ships, boats, even lobster buoys.  But I have overlooked a great variety of beauty in the living things we find in our Bay of Fundy.  So I started to fix that by painting some of these living things this year.  And I have prints of these paintings for sale, and will have some of these at the Grand Manan Christmas Market this Saturday.  And if I don't have the exact one you are looking for, I will be pleased to try to fill your request with just what you need.

First, I had fun painting this cute little fellow.  I enjoyed running into these little fish when diving,  Normally a greyish colour, the males turn bright orange in breeding season.  (Now someone might think of some smart comment about that, but I'm not going to touch it!)  Anyway, here is a fish common to Bay of Fundy waters, who goes by the unflattering name "Lumpfish":

Perhaps the most commonly seen bird around our shores in the seagull, herring gulls, to be precise.  Powerful and graceful in flight, social but highly competitive, I had fun painting "Gulls on the Open Sea":

Ducks frequent our sheltered Fundy shores, laying their eggs and raising their young.  Mergansers are common visitors to Our Cove, and I have depicted this Merganser mom showing her little ducklings how to forage for food in the tidal shallows,"Merganser & Ducklings":

We have lots of shore birds visiting our Fundy shores during their migrations north in the spring and back south in late summer and fall.  I painted this little fellow on a rock in the early morning waiting for the tide to go down a little more to expose some interesting breakfast in the tidal rockweed.  In real life, he probably wouldn't be that patient, but would be busy actually wading in the shallows.  But, hey, I can take artistic licence to create a mood with early morning light!  "Yellowlegs":

Hope you enjoy the living things of Fundy.  I have framed prints in three different sizes and in three different frame styles.  Details on frames are found in

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