Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sloop "Majestic"

I recently completed a painting of the sloop "Majestic" built at North Head, on Grand Manan Island, in 1902, by William Alexander Flewelling.  Originally owned by William and Frank Flewelling, she was subsequently owned by John A. Ingersoll, of Seal Cove.  I had a couple of old photos of the “Majestic” grounded out in Seal Cove harbour, which is what I used to create the painting.

It was in the Seal Cove context I wanted to depict the sloop, so I painted her sailing up the Seal Cove Sound, in a typical afternoon sou’wester.

One of the challenges in this painting was to depict seas breaking away from the viewer.  Most sea paintings show waves breaking toward you, but to be consistent with the wind in the sails, I needed to paint waves breaking away from me, where little trails of foam are left behind the breaking wave.

This was a fun painting to do; challenging, but with rewarding results.  I will soon have prints of this painting available.  So, for any of Seal Cove’s John A. Ingersoll descendents or relatives, a print of this painting might be a great gift to keep your family in touch with your heritage!