Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old ferry "Grand Manan"

With the 46-year veteran ferry "Grand Manan" being recalled for service while the regular ferry is being repaired, this seems like a good time to feature a print of my recent painting of the old "Grand Manan"

The "Grand Manan" was built  in Saint John in 1965, put into service in October that year.  She was the main ferry from 1965 until 1990 when the "Grand Manan V" was put into service.  After that she has been the supplementary vessel, adding service during the summer and during refit of the regular vessel.

The "black boat" as she is called locally, has very limited capacity to handle traffic, especially trucks, so the Island is attempting to cope with a difficult situation.  Nevertheless, the faithful old ship can at least provide us with some essential contact.

The painting itself has never been displayed publicly, and will be featured in my show at the Grand Manan Art Gallery which opens on June 4.  So if you would like a framed print, I will be happy to reserve one for you for delivery after the June 4 show opening.

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