Friday, May 20, 2011

More Fog

More Fog.  That pretty much sums up our weather here at Our Cove these days.  And it also aptly applies to "behind the art" for my painting of a sailing ship easing across a fog-covered sea, a painting entitled "Fog".

Fog is intriguing and challenging to paint.  The first thing about painting fog, is that it really accentuates atmospheric perspective: things close up have normal contrast, things in the distance have reduced contrast.  Normal contrast in the waves in the foreground is less and less as you move away from the foreground and gradually the contrast disappears in the fog, as can be noted in the close-up of the stern of the sailing ship and the water in foreground and back by the stern:

The hull of the sailing ship also shows this, with more contrast at the bow, which is nearer, and very little contrast between the ship and the sea or sky at the stern, which is all but lost in the fog.

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