Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Undersea "Lumpfish" print

This week's feature is something quite different: a print of a painting of life under the sea.  The colourful little fellow in the painting is a "lumpfish", depicted swimming over the shallow ocean floor.

The painting was commissioned by the Huntsman Aquarium in St. Andrews, to be featured in a calendar to be published soon.  When they asked what kind of sea life I would like to paint, I chose the lumpfish.  I spent many years diving and always enjoyed sharing my water with lumpfish.  They are not very strong swimmers, nor do they have big sharp teeth, but the males which take on the orange red colour in breeding season are very protective of the eggs under their supervision.  Perhaps down deep they know that humans like their roe for caviar!

This was my first attempt at painting fish under the sea; it was such fun, I may look at doing more undersea paintings.

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