Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Gulls at Our Cove

We have a pair of gulls stay with us in Our Cove all summer long.  They arrive fairly early in the spring and stay all summer and into the fall.  The way they behave, we think it is the same pair of gulls that come back each year.  But they do not like any other gulls intruding into their territory in the cove.  One of our gulls will aggressively drive away any other gulls, which is quite fun to watch, especially when a young gull wanders in not knowing the rules!  But the two gulls themselves seem to have a strong bond between them.

From first light until dark, our gulls can be found around Our Cove, sometimes paddling and diving for food, sometime standing on a rock.  They seem very content with each other and with their lot in life.

Like any couple, we see one of the pair adjusting the appearance, while the other looks on with a bored expression: anyone want to guess which is the male and which is the female?

Spring time is especially a time for pairing, as along comes a pair of black ducks.

And while our two gulls will not tolerate other gulls intruding into their cove, they don't seem to mind a visit by the black ducks at all.

With the ever changing Fundy tide, Our Cove always has pleasant little stories to tell you if you want to watch for them.

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