Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Swordfishers

This week I feature an original painting "The Swordfishers"

Fishermen pursued swordfish with patience, skill and cunning.  Sliding quietly through the water under the power of sail, the swordfishing schooner approached swordfish, spotted just below the water's surface by a lookout at the mast head.  Far out on a platform extending from the schooner's bow, a harpoon was ready to be plunged into the swordfish with deadfly accuracy.

This painting recaptures a glimpse of our North Atlantic nautical heritage, a time when men pursued fish with sailing vessels.  Even after the arrival of gasoline engines, schooners held an advantage for pursuit of swordfish: silence. With no throbbing engine noise, the swordfish was not aware of the schooner sliding silently toward it, until the man with the harpoon, on a plank far out ahead of the bow, was able to thrust his harpoon into the swordfish.

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