Friday, November 5, 2010

An Out Wind Today

The marine forecast for today noted a gale warning in effect, with wind south 35 to 45 knots.  Looking out at sea at Our Cove this morning, that seems just about right.

With an "out wind" the temperature of course, is mild.  For those who are not familiar with Grand Manan lingo, an "out wind" is a wind from outer part of the Bay, typically from southeast around to southwest.  So, with today's wind coming from the south, this is certainly an "out wind".  With an out wind, we get wet, mild weather.

An "in wind", wind from north or northwest, typically brings us cooler dryer weather.  When out in the Bay, an out wind will bring with it the heavier sea swell from the outer Bay, while an in wind, off the land with much less "fetch", or room to build up a sea, usually has a shorter chop, which is not nearly as rough for larger vessels.

All this talk of wind brings up a beef I have with most weather forecasts, which generally have little to say about wind direction when, in fact, the direction of the wind is all important in what the weather is doing.  But then, when I look at the marine forecast, it is all about wind direction and pays little attention to temperature (unless to talk about freezng spray warnings in winter).  I guess what's important to you in weather is all about context.

Our Cove faces roughly easterly, actually a little north of easterly.  This means that a southerly wind blows up by our cove. But in blowing up by, it hits the point on the northern side of the cove.  That makes for some interest when a southerly is blowing, especially on the high tide.

The waves from a southerly come into the corner of the cove and throw a little seaweed on the ground above the beach.  But the waves actually hit the point harder than the cove itself.  But we are fortunate in Our Cove, as we are very sheltered and don't get the heavy seas of other more exposed parts of the coast.

After the tide has gone down, we'll have a chance to see how the beach has been changed by the waves.

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