Friday, July 27, 2012

"Seal Cove Crick, 1968"

Last week my cousin Marg showed me a painting I had done for her in 1968.  I had forgotten about it, but apparently I had visited with her and her family in Halifax, and in appreciation, I painted them this painting of "Seal Cove Crick".  And no, that's not a spelling mistake; in Seal Cove, it's not "The Creek", it's "The Crick".

Seal Cove, near the southern end of Grand Manan, was a busy little harbour in the 1960's; a lot going on there.  Depicted in the painting, we have a purse seiner tied up at the General Marine boat repair shop, getting some repair work done.

Seal Cove also had its own little sardine cannery.  Tied up to it is a sardine carrier, heavily laden with sardines, ready to unload to provide another day's packing for the workers there.

Marg loaned me the painting to make prints from it so that others could enjoy the memories of the busy little harbour that was "Seal Cove Crick"

And I will have framed prints of "Seal Cove Crick, 1968" at the market too.

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