Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Head Harbour Light

"Head Harbour Light" is the local name for the lighthouse at East Quoddy Head, at the northern end of Campobello Island.  It is on of the "One hundred heritage lighthouses" worldwide.  Built in 1829, this wooden lighthouse, with its distinctive red St. George's Cross, has become an icon in Maritime Canada.

The world-famous lighthouse has been photgraphed from every angle.  It is probably safe to say that every visitor who has a camera and the time to visit the sights of Campobello, has taken a picture.  But since I like to paint water, I knew I wanted to paint it from the water side, as seen from the sea.

Not only does the lighthouse involk a sense of the sea, but the rugged and rocky coast lends itself to expression in paint in the many variations of light and colour that rocks reflect.

Reproductions of this painting are available.  The large one (11 x 14) is featured in my Etsy shop (as depicted below).  But I also sell medium (8 x 10) and small (5 x 7) frramed prints

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