Monday, August 15, 2011

Schooner "Bluenose"

As visitors come to Maritime Canada this summer, it seems appropriate to feature a Maritime icon, the Nova Scotia schooner "Bluenose"

The original "Bluenose" was launched in 1921 at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  At 143 feet long, she was a fast schooner, in fact the fastest fishing schooner in the world. 

She was not only a successful racer, but she also held the record for the largest single fish catch ever landed at her home port of Lunenburg. 

The owners sold her for a good prince in 1942, but she was lost in a storm off the coast of Haiti in 1946.
But the grace and beauty of this magnificent schooner prompted a replica to be built.  And the present "Bluenose" continues to be a fascination for visitors and a very important Nova Scotia attraction.

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