Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Swallowtail Snow

Last week, when we had a light blanket of snow on the ground and things looked quite wintry, I debated featuring this print of one of my winter paintings of Swallowtail light.  But I thought I would wait another week, more into winter, to feature the snow scene.

Then we had yesterday’s massive rain, which took away every hint of snow from the Grand Manan ground.  So now I am featuring a snow scene when everything around me on the Island really looks more like October.  Ah well; here we are: Swallowtail Snow, a cold and wintry print to let you dream about snow, even when there is none to be seen.

Under a blanket of snow, Swallowtail Light, at the northeast end of Grand Manan Island, sends out its faithful beam of light to aid mariners on the icy Atlantic.  Braced against frigid winter winds, Swallowtail holds promise for cold and tired fishermen of a safe harbour and warm homes nearby while cold, windblown waves incessantly batter the aged rocks of the Swallowtail.

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