Monday, August 12, 2013

Fairway Buoy

Last week I did an oil painting of a fairway buoy out at sea, to which I have given the unimaginative title "Fairway Buoy":

I enjoy painting the sea, so I had fun with this, which is mostly sea, except for the red and white fairway buoy.  I would have liked to have painted the buoy entirely red so that it would stand out better, but no; Transport Canada says it is supposed to be red and white, so I painted the buoy looking at the red side.

Fairway buoys are found off the entrances to harbours, and can be passed safely on either side.  Being located well off from a harbour, fairway buoys encounter a lot of heavy sea in bad weather.  My fairway buoy is contentedly cresting on a swell.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Driftwood Frame

Quite often broken lobster pound slats that have drifted about the Bay, wash ashore in our cove. I hadn't paid much attention to them, but there are always possibilities.

My recent painting of a red lobster buoy in open ocean is an odd size, so a driftwood lobster pound slat seemed like a good candidate for framing the painting.

So I carefully cut out sections avoiding nail holes, mitred the corners and rabbetted a place to secure the painting, and viola! A Driftwood Frame.

The framed original painting will be for sale at my booth at the Rotary Community Market tomorrow, along with a few other originals and a whole lot of prints, map posters and note cards. See you there!