Sunday, May 13, 2012


Some yellowlegs arrived in Our Cove a few days ago, as they do every spring.  This year they seem to be running a few days late.  We make a note when they arrive each year, and it usually ranges from the last few days in April to the first few days in May.  We enjoy their distinctive call as they scurry about, foraging along the intertidal shore.

So it seems like a good time to feature my "Yellowlegs" print in the shop:

This fellow is depicted standing on a rock in the early mornig sun, with the tide up, waiting for it to ebb and expose the seaweed which hosts all sorts of interesting things a shorebird loves to eat.

The rocks present interesting lighting in sun and shade:

Of course, that makes for interesting reflections to paint in the water:

The early morning sun on the water teases the colour palate choices, which makes for fun in painting:

Our yellowlegs will soon be heading further north for the summer, but we look forward to seeing them in late August on their southerly migration.